Suppliers, major partners to Safran

Safran builds long-lasting, balanced relationships with our suppliers. They are selected according to demanding criteria in terms of performance, expertise and technological innovation. At the same time, we support them in a drive for shared growth, based on continuous improvement at all levels.

Safran’s purchasing policy

Safran's purchasing policy is in line with our goal of excellence and competitiveness, and fully matches our industrial policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Over and above our demand for top-flight quality and on-time delivery, our policy is based on long-term, balanced and mutually profitable relations with our suppliers.  

Working together to boost performance

Working together to boost performance

Whether large corporations or small businesses, suppliers are essential partners to Safran. We set ambitious objectives and expect them to commit to continuous improvement in competitiveness. In exchange, Safran deploys various tools and procedures to support our suppliers:

  • Responsible Supplier Code of Conduct, providing a framework for balanced, sustained relations;
  • Joint action plans, enabling our suppliers to improve their performance day after day;
  • SME correspondent/internal mediator, to maintain two-way communications.
Purchasing volume of
€8.6 billion
in 2014

Indirect Purchasing

Indirect purchasing and supply for Safran is managed by a Shared Services Center (SSC): Safran Purchasing.

For more information, please go to > Supplier Portal > Safran Purchasing.

The SSC Safran Purchasing purchases and provides in the following fields of purchases:

  • Buildings, Infrastructure & Facility Management
  • Consulting, HR & Communication
  • Capital Goods, Consumables,
  • Tooling
  •  Tools
  • Travel, Logistics &Transportation
  • IT
Ten purchasing categories
Safran Purchasing handles purchases in the following categories:
  • Construction, infrastructure, facility management & energy
  • Communications
  • Industrial & non-industrial consumables
  • Transportation, logistics and travel
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Design and testing services
  • Human resources, training and consulting
  • Capital goods
  • Cutting tools
  • Special tooling.


See the Suppliers' portal on the Group website

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