Space parachutes

Safran Electronics & Defense designs and produces reentry, descent and landing systems for space applications. Its proven R&D capabilities enable the company to design custom-tailored solutions for even the most demanding projects. 


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Space deceleration systems that combine reliability and performance


Atmospheric reentry, descent and landing are among the most critical phases in any space mission. They require deceleration systems capable of standing up to extreme mechanical stress, while offering optimized weight and size.

Building on expertise developed over several decades, Safran Electronics & Defense provides reliable solutions that address these requirements. The company's R&D teams, widely recognized in the scientific community for the quality of their publications, support the drive for space exploration by designing tailored deceleration solutions for specific applications: recovery of space capsules, boosters and payloads, operation in terrestrial or planetary environments, etc.

In particular, Safran Electronics & Defense designed the braking parachutes for the boosters on the U.S. Space Shuttle. More recently, it also designed the landing parachutes for the Martian rover Curiosity in 2012, as well as the deceleration and landing parachutes for NASA's Martian probe INSight in November 2018. 


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