Communication & Space Awareness

Space is considered as a strategic location. Securing orbital positions has become a watchword for satellite operators, regulators, international community and space traffic managers.


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Detection, cataloging and orbit prediction of objects orbiting


According to the Space Foundation, the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is the ability to view, understand and predict the physical location of natural and manmade objects in orbit around the Earth, with the objective of avoiding collisions.

The Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) segment's primary goal is the detection, cataloging and orbit prediction of objects orbiting around the Earth. It is part of an effort to avoid collisions between orbiting satellites and debris, provide safe re-entries, detect on-orbit explosions, assist missions at launch, deployment and end-of-life and overall reduce cost of space access.

Safran Data Systems offers radio sensors which contribute to overall systems for tracking space objects.


Safran Data Systems provides an efficient monitoring software tracking objects orbiting:

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