Space agency solutions

Zodiac Data Systems is the preferred partner for space agencies for all types of projects: satellite launch vehicles, space exploration, geostationary and low orbit satellites, constellations, Moon/Mars and Deep-Space missions, etc. 


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Outstanding levels of performance, accuracy and reliability


Zodiac Data Systems' products deliver outstanding levels of performance, accuracy and reliability such as tracking antennas, radiofrequency converters and amplification stages, etc. Its dedicated modems, based on a modular platform, can be tailored for all situations (very low signal-to-noise ratio, modulation, encoding, bit rate, etc.).

Zodiac Data Systems meets all space agency mission specifications. 


From base-bands units to converters, Zodiac Data Systems provides an end-to-end solution whatever the mission:

  • Base-bands units: Cortex HDR, Cortex CRT, Satcore, Cortex DTR, Cortex WBR,  Cortex RSR
  • Antennas: PRO 730, PRO 930, PRO 1100
  • Amplifiers: Stream-PA
  • Converters: Stream-UDC, Stream Ka-band
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