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Leader in space telemetry, Safran Data Systems provides field-proven air and ground telemetry equipment and solutions for launch success. 


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Arianespace launch a success: Ariane 5 ECA orbits INTELSAT 20 and HYLAS 2 satellitesKourou, August 2, 2012On Thursday, August 2, 2012, Arianespace successfully launched two communications satellites: INTELSAT 20 for the international satellite operator Intelsat, and HYLAS 2 for the European operator Avanti.50th successful launch in a row and the 64th Ariane 5 launch

Safran Data Systems offers the whole instrumentation and datalink from on-board data acquisition to ground processing, display and analysis through scalable systems.

COTS-based and tailored product portfolios come from 50 years of experience in space instrumentation and telemetry.

Safran Data Systems offers a complete suite tailored for launch vehicles:

  • Data acquisition units: CMA, LMA
  • Airborne recorders:  MDR, MDR-GT
  • Antennas: Sparte 300, Sparte 500, Sparte 700, Comtrack
  • Receivers: Cortex RTR, RX-1, BSS
  • Ground recorders: Cortex RSR, GMDR
  • Software: eZ Software Suite
  • Flight termination system (FTS)
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