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Providing support for our products throughout their life reflects our philosophy of working closely with customers in a win-win partnership. Safran Electronics & Defense's skilled staff are trained to provide the exact information, advice and technical assistance that our customers need in today's fast-moving world.

Focus on support

Safran Electronics & Defense offers ongoing customer support, anchored in responsiveness and customer care, in an approach based on continuous improvement and Lean-Sigma methodologies. Our Customer Support Center provides a 24-7 contact point for customers around the world. It deploys powerful processes and skilled technical and logistics staff to keep our customers' equipment up and running. Operating worldwide, Safran Electronics & Defense's technical assistance teams are recognized for their professionalism and fast response. They work hand in hand with our engineering teams to keep our customers' fleets in service. Rounding out this organization is a network of certified repair shops. They have the quality certifications, documentation and stocks needed to restore all of our equipment as soon as possible. All of our efforts are of course designed to ensure total customer satisfaction, by guaranteeing the dispatch reliability of our equipment.

Custom-tailored service packages, comprehensive support

Safran Electronics & Defense covers the full range of operational requirements for air, land and naval applications. Safran Electronics & Defense aviation equipment are used on all types of civil and military aircraft, from business and regional airplanes to helicopters and mainline commercial jets. For land and naval missions, Safran Electronics & Defense develops dedicated solutions to fit military platforms as well as civil carriers. Through the expertise of our teams and our worldwide presence we offer service packages tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Our dedicated customer support teams develop and apply the solutions needed to reduce total cost of ownership. When operators of all types choose Safran Electronics & Defense, they are choosing the long experience and expertise demonstrated day after day through custom-tailored by the hour and life-cycle support contracts. Each customer is unique, so we apply a personalized approach to make sure we develop a real long-term partnership with all our customers.

Avionics Support


Safran Electronics & Defense grants a great deal of importance to customer satisfaction and provides them with support throughout the year in the use of their Safran products. By phone, fax or email, Safran Electronics & Defense specialists answer questions and handle problems. They travel worldwide to set up, maintain and repair Safran equipment or train their users.

Safran Electronics & Defense Customer support strives to pay special attention and listen carefully in all circumstances to customer needs, so innovative solutions can be developed to meet those needs. Safran Electronics & Defense is highly responsive and supplies spare parts as quickly as possible. They are committed to the shortest repair time possible for damaged or faulty equipment, to guarantee operators optimal management of their fleets. 

Due to its permanent concern for customer information, Safran Electronics & Defense Customer Support regularly publishes Service Bulletins (SB) and Service Information Letters (SIL) about product evolution, as well as Components Maintenance Manuals (CMM) and guides. 

To ensure optimal use of its products, Safran Electronics & Defense also offers training programs that can be taught in its training centers or directly on site in the customer's facilities.

AOG emergency service

For grounded aircraft, Safran Electronics & Defense offers an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) emergency service available year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In less than 4 hours, Safran Electronics & Defense delivers the equipment requested to the airfreight forwarder at the nearest airport. To contact the AOG emergency service: 

  • Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia, Australia et New Zealand : OEMServices AOG desk (D7 H24) | Tél. : +33 1 7202 2323 | Fax : +33 1 4975 4574 |
  • USA : Safran Electronics & Defense, Avionics USA, LLC. | Tel: +1 972 314-3600 (8 am – 5 pm) | Outside business hours: +1 972 333-0827

Technical Support

Technical assistance is available year round to answer technical questions concerning Safran Electronics & Defense equipment, data analysis and programming stations or systems. Depending on the needs, specialized teams can take action on site, worldwide. To contact the Technical Support: 

  • Internet Site support:
  • USA: Safran Electronics & Defense, Avionics USA, LLC. Dallas, TX
    +1 972 314 3636  for ACMS,
    +1 972 408 3655  for AGS systems,
    +1 972 408 3726  for electromechanical actuators,
    +1 972 408 3726  helicopter automatic pilot systems.

Technical Publication Portals

Maintenance, repairs and sale of spare parts

Safran Electronics & Defense offers solutions adapted to each of its customers, from basic equipment repairs to general revision, as well as the sale of spare parts, routine replacements, equipment loan and rental or contracts per flight hour. Services are performed within the framework of packaged prices and within periods ranging from 10 to 21 days, depending on the equipment. To contact: 

From all-inclusive to custom-tailored support solutions



Defense Customer Service


To maintain your operational capabilities, Safran Electronics & Defense​'s support teams are fully involved from the initial design through in-service support. Our approach is based on a continuous improvement in maintainability and operating costs, designed into our products from the outset.

Integrated Logistics Support: designed in for real added-value

Our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) teams get involved right from the initial design of all our products, to help make the fundamental choices that will determine maintainability and servicing strategies. The result for you is maximum dispatch reliability, with costs kept under control.

Life-cycle support: excellence in the field

Our experts in life-cycle support will become your primary contacts, guaranteeing support services tailored to your exact needs. Safran Electronics & Defense deploys all the resources needed to meet the specific requirements of different armed forces. You will be assigned dedicated contacts to support our products throughout their operational lifetime. 

Our high-quality support services ensure that your systems are always available on a timely basis, anywhere in the world.

Custom-tailored service solutions

We offer a wide range of services to guarantee the performance of your systems and equipment: tailored to your needs, and optimized for local support. 

Repairs and spares 
As soon as they are contacted, our experts work with you to define the best solution, whether parts repair or replacement, and keep your system up and running. 

Technology intelligence, obsolescence monitoring 
We provide full support for our systems during their entire lifetime. In fact we have set up a dedicated technology intelligence team to identify potential areas of obsolescence and offer solutions that will guarantee performance throughout the operating life of your system. 

To ensure the sustained performance of your systems, we offer a wide range of advanced maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, including regular inspections and a mid-life refurbishment, with guaranteed turnaround times (TAT) and optimized cost. 

To constantly improve system performance, we integrate the latest hardware and software developments for our new products to upgrade your systems already in service. 

A hotline number can be supplied to help you deal with emergency situations. 

Support website 
Safran Electronics & Defense offers easy access to a wide range of standard or personalized services via our dedicated support website. 

You will have constant access to the latest publications for your systems and equipment. Plus, you can consult our catalogs, or check out inventory status for specific parts, and get the latest information on your orders. You can also submit a request for assistance, or ask questions, as well as talk to our engineering department to address your specific requirements. 

Safran Electronics & Defense provides personalized support when your equipment is withdrawn from service. 

Technology transfer 
Safran Electronics & Defense pays special attention to our support structure, offering a broad choice of approaches to make sure these services meet your expectations. You can choose the level of servicing that meets your exact requirements. 

The first approach involves local service in the field, with shop-level repairs in our plants. 

Secondly, your staff will be given the appropriate training, and Safran Electronics & Defense also installs special test benches in your premises to handle most shop-level repairs, with only the most critical being performed by Safran Electronics & Defense. 

Our third approach involves a transfer of technology and expertise to ensure your complete independence. In this model, Safran Electronics & Defense provides training support to enhance your skills base, while supplying only spare parts and modules. 

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