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Homeland security missions are numerous and of all types: border and coastal surveillance, police missions, environmental protection or management of natural disasters. With its Patroller surveillance UAV systems, Safran Electronics & Defense offers long-endurance aircraft for all your operational needs.

  • To answer your surveillance and homeland security needs, Safran Electronics & Defense gives you the full benefit of its operational experience in the field of UAVs. This expertise includes expert knowledge of all the technologies necessary for their development: flight control, navigation and observation systems, embedded electronics, airborne optronics, transmission, etc.
  • Effective and easy to implement, the Patroller UAV system developed by Safran can fulfill all your security missions, whether they are carried out by the police, customs or civil protection. 
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Safran demonstrates Patroller drone’s ability to operate in civilian airspace

Safran Electronics & Defense demonstrated a complete anti-collision function during flights, one of the keys to integrating drones in a civilian airspace shared with manned aircraft.
The "see and avoid" system developed by Safran and integrated in the Patroller's control system, combines traffic detection sensors, including an infrared optronic (electro-optical) sensor, and an automatic risk collision estimation and avoidance flightpath generation module.

During the flight tests, this system was successfully operated using different conflict scenarios with a "dummy" aircraft provided by ENAC, thus enabling Patroller to detect the risk of a collision and avoid it, without requiring an operator. 

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