Patroller Systems for security missions

Having unmanned airborne means of surveillance and control gives homeland security forces a distinct advantage. With Patroller, Safran Electronics & Defense offers an upgradeable UAV system and multiple sensors, the configuration of which is adapted to each mission. It is easy to deploy and extremely flexible to use.

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A flexible, adaptable surveillance system.


The diverse nature of homeland security missions requires the use of versatile equipment. Patroller UAV can discreetly cover a wide range of homeland security missions: border and coastal surveillance, police or highway surveillance missions, protection of sensitive sites or infrastructures, monitoring of natural disasters, etc. With a flexible offer, systems can be acquired, hired or covered by flight-by-the-hour service contracts with maintenance.


The technical characteristics of the Patroller:

  • 20-hour flight at 20,000 ft
  • payload > 250 kg
  • day/night optronic sensor
  • automatic take-off and landing (typical landing strip 600 meters)
  • compact control station (2/3 people depending on configuration of onboard sensors)
  • projectable
  • possibility of adding fuel tanks under the wings
  • additional payloads according to mission (surveillance radar, communications monitoring, etc.)
  • direct image transmission to ground units or intervention vehicles via RVT

Patroller composite airframe is certified by EASA to civil aviation standards EASA CS 23.

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