Airborne optronics

Safran Electronics & Defense produces Euroflir gyrostabilized pods, adapted to all UAV missions: boarder protection, critical infrastructure and sensitive site defense, civilian surveillance, homeland security, people searches, etc. Able to carry out observation operations in all conditions, they include several sensors: latest-generation thermal cameras, HD color TV camera, very low light level camera, and laser telemeter. In addition, the Comint system optimizes visual identification of targets and their exact location over wide areas.

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Euroflir 410

Euroflir 410 is a range of modular optronic systems (16") that can integrate different sensors adapted to missions and theaters: 3-5µm or 8-12µm thermal camera, HD color TV camera, multi-spectral spotting scope, laser telemeter, laser designator or laser beam rider, laser pointer and laser illuminator plus very low light level camera. Euroflir 410 can fulfill all mission types and airborne applications. It can carry out observation and intelligence gathering, track mobile targets and weapons guidance for combat helicopters. Euroflir 410 is used on the Nahema (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) program's NH90 helicopters, for naval missions and CSAR and the French Navy's AS565 Panthers.