Portable optronics

Safran Electronics & Defense, via its subsidiary, Vectronix, offers portable optronics devices to carry out observation, identification, and location homeland security missions. Compact, light, robust and easy to use, they have the full benefit of the latest optronics technology, resulting from Safran's know-how in the Defense sector.

  • JIM UC/Protector/Sentinel, medium-range multi-function infrared binoculars
  • TIPS, a thermal observation pocket scope
  • BIG25, light amplification night vision binoculars
  • PRLF, a family of pocket laser rangefinders
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NiteSpotMR: medium range clip-on night sight

NiteSpotMR is a medium range clip-on night sight that adds night vision capability (I²) to a wide variety of rifles (up to .50 caliber). NiteSpotMR easily attaches to the front of a day-sight objective and can be rapidly removed when not in use. NiteSpotMR does not affect the optical alignment of the day sight, eliminating the need for re-adjustment/boresighting when changing between daytime and nighttime operations. NiteSpotMR's optional white phosphorus image intensifier tubes (ONYX tubes) provide the user with sharper details, crisper clarity and a more natural appearance – enabling the user to stay blended within the environment.

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Sword Light: Thermal weapon sight for rifles and machine-guns

SWORD Light easily engages targets in urban combat areas thanks to its red dot sight (optional) and its low-magnification wide-field thermal channel.
The thermal channel's digital zoom ensures high firing accuracy in open areas under all conditions. SWORD Light is ergonomic and easy to use, integrating a remote control and quick access to essential functions. Powered by standard AA batteries, it offers maximum autonomy.

Sword Medium: Thermal weapon sight for rifles and machine-guns

The SWORD Medium thermal weapon sight, which is perfectly adapted to long-term observation, optimizes the accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon regardless of the firing conditions and constraints, however severe. Based on an uncooled infrared sensor, this sight is compact and light as well as quick and easy to use. 

Sword T&D

Thermal and day weapon sight for assault rifles, machine-guns and rocket launchers. New generation, digital sight with uncooled IR technology (8-12 µm), Sword T&D radically improves direct or offset shooting and observation performances. Rugged, quiet, easy to use and ergonomic (immediate shooting adjustment, ambidextrous ergonomics, multimedia interfaces, etc.), Sword T&D has already been commanded by over 6000 units.

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