Portable optronics

Safran Electronics & Defense, via its subsidiary, Vectronix, offers portable optronics devices to carry out observation, identification, and location homeland security missions. Compact, light, robust and easy to use, they have the full benefit of the latest optronics technology, resulting from Safran's know-how in the Defense sector.

  • JIM UC/Protector/Sentinel, medium-range multi-function infrared binoculars
  • TIPS, a thermal observation pocket scope
  • BIG25, light amplification night vision binoculars
  • PRLF, a family of pocket laser rangefinders
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JIM binoculars feature a compact, user-friendly design, making the perfect for both military and security applications, including infantry squads, special forces, forward observers, border and coastal patrols, elite gendarme and police units and more. Using identical interfaces (batteries, connectors, accessories, etc.) these binoculars are interoperable with many different systems and equipment, including screens, processing units, DAGR/PLGR type military GPS receivers, etc. JIM LR binoculars offer an optional day/thermal channel fusion function, greatly improving their target detection capability.

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