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Having a reliable, secure communication network and high-performance means of observation allows the security forces to be well-protected and act more efficiently. Safran Electronics & Defense therefore offers the "Force Protection" system, a modular solution including communication tools, optronic equipment and protection accessories.


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More efficiency and protection


Lightweight, with intuitive ergonomics, the "Force Protection" system is designed to enhance the capacities of security personnel. This modular solution includes networked means of communication, with voice and data transmission, optronic equipment for day/night observation and protection equipment.

FELIN (the Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications system), the military version of the system, is tried and tested in operation on a daily basis by the French Army.


The "Force Protection" system includes everything security forces need.

  • Optronics for observation, mobility, small arms and precision firing:
    - Multi-function, multi-spectral binoculars (JIM)
    - Headsets (night vision binoculars & round-corner eyepiece)
    - Sights for small arms and precision weapons (SWORD) with round-corner aiming and firing device
  • Lightweight, ergonomic information system, including:
    - MANET personal radio with reliable, secure voice and data and integrated GPS
    - terminal for planning, mission monitoring and management of situations with intuitive MMI
    - centralized energy management
  • Protection:
    - flexible modular ballistics protection (elbows, knees and hands)
    - hard modular ballistics plates for extra protection
    - ergonomic, light-weight helmet
    - laser protection goggles
    - visor and anti-shrapnel jaw protection
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