Border and sensitive site surveillance

Safran Electronics & Defense provides a wide range of optronic solutions for border protection and critical infrastructure and sensitive site defense. TEOS™ and SAPS detection and reconnaissance systems are flexible and can be installed on vehicles or permanent stations in roaming or network mode. High-performance imagers and optronic sensors (thermal camera, infrared detector, laser rangefinder etc.), an optimum observation range of up to 25 km day and night, wide-dynamic high resolution screens and a user-friendly man-machine interface, guaranteeing real operational effectiveness with maximum autonomy.


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Owlsmart.i is an innovative product allowing to gather information of presence, comings and goings and identify trespassers in discreet ways.
OwlSmart.i consists of a set of various wireless sensors and cameras communicating with one another through a secured radio network. The product can be easily  installed and reconfigured because no external infrastructure is required for operation.
The smart battery management system gives a 10 days class autonomy to the system without any intervention.
Various applications are targeted: intelligence, police, surveillance of sensitive sites.

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