Border and sensitive site surveillance

Safran Electronics & Defense provides a wide range of optronic solutions for border protection and critical infrastructure and sensitive site defense. TEOS™ and SAPS detection and reconnaissance systems are flexible and can be installed on vehicles or permanent stations in roaming or network mode. High-performance imagers and optronic sensors (thermal camera, infrared detector, laser rangefinder etc.), an optimum observation range of up to 25 km day and night, wide-dynamic high resolution screens and a user-friendly man-machine interface, guaranteeing real operational effectiveness with maximum autonomy.


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MOST: Optronic mast for land surveillance

The MOST system, vehicle-mounted or fixed and featuring JIM infrared binoculars, is perfectly suited to long-duration day/night surveillance missions. Featuring a modular design, it allows users to stay protected, or quickly remove the binoculars for dismounted use.  

OwlSmart.i (Observe With Low Signature)

Owlsmart.i is an innovative product allowing to gather information of presence, comings and goings and identify trespassers in discreet ways.
OwlSmart.i consists of a set of various wireless sensors and cameras communicating with one another through a secured radio network. The product can be easily  installed and reconfigured because no external infrastructure is required for operation.
The smart battery management system gives a 10 days class autonomy to the system without any intervention.
Various applications are targeted: intelligence, police, surveillance of sensitive sites.

OWLSMART.i: Smart intelligence
PASEO: omnidirectional surveillance sight

PASEO enables day and night, real-time omni-directional optronic acquisition in real time. Featuring last-generation optronic sensors, high-performance independent stabilization of the line of sight, innovative operating modes (Pan Scan), associated with assistance to algorithms (Track While Scan) and interfaced with a Sigma inertial navigation unit, PASEO ensures instantaneous omnidirectional classification of ground or air threats. Moreover, it conserves all the capabilities of an observation sight, ensuring manual or automatic tracking of target and the acquisition of its parameters (distance, angular position, relative rate).

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