Parachutes for munitions

Building on decades of experience, Safran Electronics & Defense is one of the leaders in the market for parachutes for munitions, including braking parachutes. Its product range covers a vast range of operational needs, including in extreme conditions. 


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A product range suited to all missions


Whether used to brake a weapon system released at low-altitude, carry a load that cannot be installed under a bomber's wing, or recover data during development, braking parachutes from Safran Electronics & Defense are designed for use in severe environments, in terms of temperature, vibration, structural loads during chute opening, rotational speed of the load, etc. Safran Electronics & Defense brings to bear its expertise in integrated engineering to design and build products that meet these demanding technical requirements.

For example, Safran Electronics & Defense produces all parts of the Ballistic Precision Aerial Delivery System (BPADS) and is developing parachutes for hypersonic weapons. Its product range also includes parachutes for munitions, especially illuminating munitions. 

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