Surface vessels

For operations on the open sea and close to the shore, Safran Electronics & Defense’s navigation, observation and self-defense systems contribute to the operational efficiency of your surface vessels. High-performance, compact and reliable, these systems are adapted to all types of vessel: aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, ocean and coastal patrol boats, high-speed craft, etc.

With its navigation systems for surface vessels, Safran Electronics & Defense provides you with the most appropriate cutting-edge technologies for marine applications: attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), inertial navigation systems (INS), ring-laser-gyros, hemispherical resonator gyroscopes (HRG), etc.

Surveillance, monitoring, panoramic search-and-track and firing control functions are provided by multi-sensor optronics systems. All airborne and surface threats, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, are detected by day or night.

Thanks to the self-defense system based on decoy launchers, NGDS, developed by Safran, surface vessels are also protected against anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.

The Safran air and naval applications offer of command and control, drone and weapons systems satisfies all your operational requirements: mission preparation, maritime surveillance, air-to-ground or air-to-surface strikes with precision weapons, etc.

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Mobility & sovereignty

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a variety of advanced optronic systems to meet the full range of maritime mission requirements, along with dedicated navigation and combat equipment for surface vessels, submarines and air-naval operation.

  • 500
    warships equipped with Safran INS
  • 40
    navies equipped with Safran INS
  • +500
    warships equipped with electro-optical fire control systems
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