Surveillance and fire control systems

Naval operations require traditional and asymmetric military threats from air, land or sea to be taken into account. Safran Electronics & Defense has a full range of optronic systems (EOMS NG, Vampir NG, Vigy Observer, PASEO marine) that contribute to the operational efficiency of warships (helicopter-carriers, aircraft-carriers, frigates, corvettes, patrol boats) with new-generation sensors to detect and identify threats over very long ranges day and night, giving very early warning. These systems offer automatic panoramic surveillance for very low altitude detection.


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PASEO IRST is a long-range infrared search and track system. An alternative to VAMPIR NG, PASEO IRST leverages the same proven algorithms in a cost-effective package.
PASEO IRST is an efficient and cost-effective solution for self-protection against conventional and asymmetrical threats. Thanks to its wide range of fields of view, it adapts to all operational situations and threats, from anti-ship seaskimming missile, fighter aircraft and UAV to fast incoming craft including jet ski. As an integral part of the ship's combat system, PASEO IRST provides a unique contribution to situation awareness.

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