Self-protection systems

The protection of surface vessels against anti-ship missiles and torpedoes is of crucial importance for Navies. With NGDS (New Generation Dagaie System), Safran Electronics & Defense offers a self-protection system capable of responding effectively to threats from all sources, thus improving the safety of crews and equipment. 


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NGDS, a high-performance naval self-protection system


NGDS allows a rapid response to current and new threats using the means best-suited to the situation. Its versatile single or dual decoy launcher, depending on the tonnage of the vessel, includes infrared, radar or acoustic munitions. NGDS is integrated into the existing combat system and offers a perfect combination of effectiveness and robustness, while offering the best cost-/performance ratio. This technology is used in particular on the French Navy's FREMM frigates.


The NGDS self-protection electronic warfare unit based on decoy launchers uses various anti-missile tactics:

  • centroid seduction
  • active seduction
  • dump seduction (with a jammer)
  • dilution, confusion or distraction

The system adapts to all types of short, medium and long-range munitions:

  • IR or electromagnetic decoys
  • Active Offboard Decoys (AOD)
  • Anti-Torpedo Decoys (ATD)
  • laser jammer
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