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SIGMA 40, an attitude/heading and inertial navigation system, optimizes sensor, weapons and self-defense equipment on warships. All SIGMA solutions are based on high-grade Ring Laser Gyros technology, making navigation systems highly reliable with excellent long-term measuring accuracy. Sigma 40 is complete and upgradeable, easy to install, maintain and use on all surface vessels. In order to cover your various operational needs, it is available in several versions or solutions like SIGMA 20M, a gyrocompass designed for demanding naval applications. SIGMA 40 is used by 40 navies and is the world's top-selling naval inertial navigation system.

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Onyx™ is an innovative navigation grade inertial module based on Safran Electronics & Defense's latest resonator gyros, the HRG Crystal™. Onyx™ delivers medium to high navigation grade performance and is perfectly suitable for civil and military oriented INS. It can be used in all applications: air, sea, space and, in the land sector.
This inertial module integrates unmatched characteristics in terms of compactness, reliability and precision. Thanks to the HRG Crystal™, Onyx™ can now achieve: 1 liter, 1 kilogram and 1 mils.

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