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Safran Electronics & Defense, long a major player in inertial systems, has built up world-renowned expertise in inertial navigation and positioning, with systems chosen for a number of prestigious land, naval, air and space programs. 


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Argonyx™: new inertial navigation system for surface applications

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a new range of inertial navigation systems for surface vessels with Argonyx™ family. Based on HRG Crystal™ disruptive technology, Argonyx is the most lightweight, performant and reliable INS on its market. All Argonyx™ versions are tailored to specific ship configurations, from the small patrol boat with Argonyx SP, that offers an autonomous navigation performance of 1Nm/4h,  to the destroyers with Argonyx XP, that offers an autonomous navigation performance of 1Nm/72h (TDRMS). Argonyx family has been developed in order to meet our customers growing requirements: it offers a high accuracy for weapon employment& sensor stabilization and an operational efficiency in GNSS denied missions.

BlueNaute® Titanium & Premium : AHRS for commercial ships

BlueNaute® is an attitude and heading reference system that is ideally suited to commercial ships, in line with requirements of the International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Treaty. The BlueNaute® system is based on hemispherical resonator gyros (HRG). Developed and certificated by Safran Electronics & Defense, because of the intrinsic characteristics of this technology, the BlueNaute® system is virtually maintenance-free. It is unrivaled in terms of lifespan, dependability and dispatch reliability. Furthermore, HRG-based systems are compact and unaffected by extreme environments, which means they can easily be installed on all types of platforms. Different versions of BlueNaute® are available to cover all market requirements.


Onyx™ is an innovative navigation grade inertial module based on Safran Electronics & Defense's latest resonator gyros, the HRG Crystal™. Onyx™ delivers medium to high navigation grade performance and is perfectly suitable for civil and military oriented INS. It can be used in all applications: air, sea, space and, in the land sector.
This inertial module integrates unmatched characteristics in terms of compactness, reliability and precision. Thanks to the HRG Crystal™, Onyx™ can now achieve: 1 liter, 1 kilogram and 1 mils.

Sigma 40: laser gyro technology inertial navigation system

The Sigma 40 inertial navigation system is making use on laser gyro technology. An advanced system designed by Safran Electronics & Defense for maritime applications, the Sigma 40 meets the most demanding navigation and weapon system stabilization requirements. 
Both an inertial attitude and heading reference system, the Sigma 40 offers high performance and precision for all sizes of surface vessels. Both compact and robust, the Sigma 40 delivers all data needed for navigation: heading, roll and pitch, angular velocity, position and heave, vertical/horizontal speed and acceleration.
The Sigma 40 is suited to all types of platforms, including fast patrol boats, mine-hunters, corvettes, frigates, aircraft carriers, etc. It comprises an inertial navigation unit (INU), control and display unit (CDU) and an installation bracket, for fast removal and reassembly without recalibration. Both innovative and scalable, the Sigma 40 is easy to install, maintain and operate.

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