Inertial systems for surface vessels

Drawing on its extensive history in inertial technology, Safran Electronics & Defense has acquired globally-renowned expertise in positioning and stabilization for naval applications.

The installation of accelerometers and gyrometers on sights, periscopes, antennae, sonar, anti-roll systems, naval gun turrets and RCWS provides gyro-stabilization, which is essential for a surface vessel.

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The MS56 series was specifically designed for applications combining a very low signal-to-noise ratio and exceptional bias stability, all at a reasonable cost. The gyro units come as a kit or in a hermetically-sealed box with up to 3 axes, depending on customer requirements.
The "Quapason" sensor is a highly robust resonating gyroscope.
The gyros are dedicated to sights and optical systems, RCWS, small and medium-caliber guns, feed forward gyro for more precise stabilization, as well IMU in civil applications.
Drawing on its expertise covering all gyroscope technologies (vibrating gyros, wheeled mechanical gyros, fiber-optic and laser units), Safran Electronics & Defense can deliver the right technologies and the best combination of cost and precision to meet all stabilization requirements.

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