Navigation systems

Reliable and accurate for all types of nuclear or conventional submarines, Safran Electronics & Defense navigation systems provide safe, discreet submarine navigation. These systems are equipped with various sensors which supply the required data to crew members and the combat system. These solutions are all designed to seamlessly integrate new or retrofit vessels.


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Sigma 40XP (eXtended Performance) is the most compact, integrated inertial navigation system in the world for its level of performance. Thanks to its open, modular architecture, Sigma 40XP is the ideal solution for new-generation nuclear-powered or conventional attack submarines, or for modernizing existing vessels.
The Sigma 40XP ring-laser-gyro inertial navigation system calculates and transmits position and attitude information (heading, pitch and roll). With its 1 Nm/24 hr-accuracy in free inertial navigation (without GPS recalculating), Sigma 40XP offer a very high performance, long-term navigation and contributes to the submarine's excellent submerged endurance.  

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