Navigation systems

Reliable and accurate for all types of nuclear or conventional submarines, Safran Electronics & Defense navigation systems provide safe, discreet submarine navigation. These systems are equipped with various sensors which supply the required data to crew members and the combat system. These solutions are all designed to seamlessly integrate new or retrofit vessels.


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New submarines platforms, in particular ocean-going submarines, potentially fitted with AIP or nuclear propulsion, have increasing requirements in terms of autonomy. With its new Black-Onyx family, Safran meets these customers' requirements by improving the autonomous navigation performance of its inertial navigation systems. Indeed, Black-Onyx family offers the highest autonomous navigation performance ever reached in the non-strategic submarines market. With Black-Onyx Dual Core family, those performances are multiplied, reaching 1Nm/120h for the most demanding applications. Finally, thanks to HRG Crystal, Black-Onyx families has the highest MTBF of the market, is maintenance-free and is a totally silent system, as discretion is key to submarine missions.

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