Masts and periscopes

As the exclusive provider of periscopes to the French Navy, Safran Electronics & Defense offers three ranges for navigation, self-defense, identification, aiming and intelligence. For new or retrofit submarines, series 10 CSR radar masts, series 20 APS penetrating periscopes and series 30 optronics masts in Search Optronic Mast and Attack Optronic Mast versions. These upgradeable, modular systems can be used as standalone or in combat management systems with multifunction consoles. Integration support, transfer of technology and/or local partnership, preventive/corrective maintenance, on-site technical assistance.


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Series 10 CSR

The Series 10 Compact Submarine Radar (CSR) is the non-penetrating radar mast of reference for submarines. Designed for new or retrofit units, it provides a highly reliable, effective response to all the above-surface surveillance requirements: navigation, intelligence collection, and tactical situation assessment.
The Series 10 CSR compact radar mast is a lightweight, non-penetrating mast, remotely controllable via any multi-function console connected to the Combat Management System (CMS) network. The radar does not require a waveguide and can therefore use a low-power radar transmitter.
Its easy-to-read display system includes all the target acquisition, tracking and alert devices provided by Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) technology.

Series 20 APS

The Series 20 Attack Periscope System (APS) is a modern, highly reliable attack periscope providing outstanding optical performances. It is perfectly integrated into the Above Surface Detection (DAS) system, equipping all types of platforms, whether classic or nuclear, new or retrofit units.
The Series 20 APS attack periscope covers all the needs of modern submarines concerning attacks and above surface discreet surveillance. In addition to its gyrostabilized direct optical channel with 4 magnifications, the Series 20 APS features a HD colour camera reinforced by a low-light level camera. Advanced image processing features enhance the traditional passive ranging and video recording features. The Series 20 APS periscope can accommodate a combination of GPS/ESM-EW antenna.

Series 30 AOM: Attack Optronic Mast

The Attack version of the Series 30 optronic mast is designed for optimal stealth, allowing to use all embedded sensors with maximum discretion.
With a reduced diameter head packing up to 6 optronic sensors, the Series 30 AOM provides the most discrete non-penetrating optronic solution on the market without sacrificing performances. Featuring HDTV and MWIR as the baseline, the mast can integrate a Laser Range Finder, a SWIR channel, a day/night backup camera as well as a discrete, near IR beeper, for communication with special operation forces.
The Series 30 AOM is the ideal complement to the Series 30 SOM (Search Optronic Mast),  with whom it shares a common physical interface (with the mast raising equipment, same dip loop cables, and electronics cabinet), and functional interface (HMI, CMS data; NAV data, etc…).

Series 30 SOM: Search Optronic Mast

The Series 30 SOM is a non-penetrating search optronic mast.
In addition to its advanced antisurface search capabilities (it can scan the full horizon within a few seconds with all its optronic sensors), it can function as an automatic aerial alarm, make use of a laser, receive aerial telecommunications or use an ESM electronic-warfare sensor.
Integrating high performance optronic sensors (HDTV and MWIR as a baseline, LRF, LLLTV, IR beeper, backup day/night camera, all available simultaneously), the Series 30 AOM is the ultimate situation awareness tool for all situations at periscopic depth.
It is the ideal complement of the Series 30 AOM (Attack Optronic Mast), with whom it shares a common physical interface (with the mast raising equipment, same dip loop cables, and electronics cabinet), and functional interface (HMI, CMS data; NAV data, etc.).

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