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The merchant navy and offshore vessels need navigation and surveillance systems offering a high level of performance and reliability. Based on its expertise in aeronautics, space and defense, Safran Electronics & Defense offers high-performance solutions guaranteeing that your vessels are fully operational.

The BlueNaute™ Heading and Attitude reference system developed by Safran Electronics & Defense for civil maritime navigation answers all your operational needs: precision, long service life, reliability, competitivity and operational availability.

This innovative system does not require any maintenance, using the cutting-edge technology of the Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope (HRG), at an affordable cost. It satisfies international maritime regulations and adapts to all types of vessels.

Safran's stabilized panoramic naval surveillance system, Vigy Observer, reinforces your security at sea by detecting potential threats. Compact and easy to install,, this multi-sensor optronic system integrates a choice of equipment including an infrared camera, video or laser rangefinder.

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BlueNaute®: The Revolution That Maritime Navigation Has Been Waiting For

Safran Electronics & Defense is introducing a new "maintenance-free" technology onto the market: the Hemispherical Resonator Gyro, or HRG. Owing to its design, the HRG is the best answer to the needs of tomorrow's sailors. Faithful to its strategy as a technological leader, Safran has used this technology to develop a new attitude and heading reference system, BlueNaute®, a device capable of meeting all modern maritime navigation needs.

  • 27,000
    gyros produced each year
  • 40
    navies equipped with Safran INS
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