Ship self-defense and anti-piracy solutions

Piracy continues to evolve, providing a constant threat to the maritime transport of people and goods. As a major supplier of naval solutions, Safran Electronics & Defense designs and builds systems capable of anticipating and countering all types of threats on land or at sea.

BlueDome is a modular and easily configurable system that perfectly addresses today's requirements for the protection of crews, ships, oil platforms and port infrastructures. Safran's advanced solutions have been chosen for nearly 500 ships from over 35 countries to date. 

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BlueDome, the shipborne anti-piracy system

Ship self-defense and anti-piracy solutions
Bluedome: Ship self-defense and anti-piracy solutions

Marking a revolution in maritime protection, the BlueDome system developed by Safran Electronics & Defense as prime contractor is the first complete, modular anti-piracy solution.

French naval specialists, working through a Safran-led consortium, have been studying the characteristics of maritime piracy and the appropriate technologies to counter it since 2010.  They have now developed the BlueDome system, which protects crews, goods and ships against piracy and theft. BlueDome offers a graduated, non-lethal response through several successive protection barriers covering all phases of an attack. Particularly user-friendly, BlueDome is easy to learn and largely automatic in operation. It was tested under operational conditions on the VN Partisan, a former refueling vessel used by the oil industry and now operated by governmental maritime security entities, clearly demonstrating its effectiveness and ease of use. These tests, based on full-scale simulated attacks, also enabled Safran to optimize the system's configuration and performance. Its highly modular design means that BlueDome can be fitted on a large variety of military and commercial vessels, including low freeboard ships, passenger ships, yachts, fishing and auxiliary vessels, FSPO vessels and offshore platforms.

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