Naval Solutions

Whether for surface military vessels, submarines or merchant ships, navigation and optronics require a high level of precision and reliability. With its optronic and inertial navigation systems, Safran Electronics & Defense provides you with all its expertise and high-level innovation. Whatever your mission, Safran Electronics & Defense’s naval offer covers your needs, particularly in terms of assistance, support and through-life support services.

For the transport of goods or people, critical operational functions for military vessels and discretion for submarines, Safran Electronics & Defense helps you carry out your missions with systems and equipment that prove their efficiency daily.  

  • Safran offers high-performance, precision systems for military vessels of all sizes: navigation, detection and identification of threats at very long range, stabilization of weapons and self-defense systems.
  • For submarines, Safran develops upgradeable, modular optronics and high-performance navigation systems. These systems are operational with nuclear and conventional submarines, offering precision, discretion and efficiency. 
  • For the merchant navy and off-shore vessels, Safran develops extremely robust navigation systems with an unlimited service life that require no maintenance. An appropriate response to strict international standards, particular in terms of safety. Safran also offers a range of optronic self-defense and surveillance systems used to detect and avoid threats.

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