Missiles instrumentation and telemetry

Safran Data Systems provides tailored solutions for a wide range of use-cases such as guided bombs, land combat, anti-ship, air-to-air, cruise, anti-air missiles… 



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Advanced technology equipment

The MICA missile are equipped by infrared seekers, designing and developing by Safran Electronics & Defense.

The Rafale can carry six MICAs in standard configuration.

Safran Data Systems designs and develops state-of-the-art technology equipment able to support the specific harsh environments of missile testing, such as, high shocks and acceleration.

From data acquisition units, dedicated or embedded recorders, GNSS localization units, transmitters, flight termination receivers, tracking antennas, ground receivers, recorders to a fully capable software suite, Safran Data Systems end-to-end products and services encompass customer needs for missile testing and telemetry.

Safran Data Systems offers a complete range of solutions from data acquisition units to powerful capable software suites:

  • Data Acquisition Units: CMA
  • Transmitters: TRX, TRS
  • Tracking antennas: Sparte 300Sparte 500Sparte 700
  • Receivers: RTRRX-1BSS
  • Telemetry recorders: GMDRRSR
  • Instrumentation software suite: eZ Software Suite (eZ SetUp, eZ Processing, eZ Operation, eZ EU Server)
  • And
  • Flight termination system (FTS) including flight termination receivers (FTR)
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