Military parachutes for troops and cargo

Safran is one of the European leaders in parachuting systems and protective equipment for military (troops and cargo) and space missions.. It deploys production facilities on three continents (Europe, North America and Africa), backed by system engineering services to handle even very complex programs. 


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Individual parachutes & Aerial delivery systems


Individual parachutes 

A leader in round and wing-type parachutes, Safran Electronics & Defense designs and produces a complete range of parachutes for airborne troop missions, spanning a variety of needs, from training to infiltration missions.
The latest generation of hemispherical parachutes enables mass troop drops at an altitude of 80 meters (256 feet).
The latest elliptical wing-type parachute features a refined airfoil and the ability to open at high altitudes to make possible long-distance glides with loads. Used worldwide, especially by French and British special forces, these parachutes are renowned for their reliability, performance and ease of use. 

Aerial delivery systems

Air drops of heavy loads require systems that are both strong and accurate of course, but also count on operation by seasoned crews, including pilots, navigators, loadmasters, technicians and ground support crews. To meet these needs, Safran Electronics & Defense designs and builds a complete range of equipment, including parachutes, platforms, containers, precision drop systems, slings for helicopter transport, etc., while also providing specific training courses to teach drops from different military transport aircraft. The company's proven expertise in design, engineering, development, production and testing enables it to design systems tailored to the specific needs of each customer. 

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