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FADEC Alliance to Support Next-generation GE Aviation Engines

FADEC Alliance, a joint venture between GE and FADEC International, has broadened its agreement with GE Aviation to include collaboration on system architectures and technologies for future engines. Under the agreement, FADEC Alliance will develop, produce, and support full authority digital engine controls (FADEC) for future GE Aviation engines, furthering the company’s position in the aviation market.

The agreement builds on FADEC Alliance's current role as the electronic controls supplier for LEAP, Passport, GE9X, and ATP engines. This expanded relationship leverages both GE's experience in engine technology and FADEC International's experience in designing FADEC systems. FADEC International is a joint venture between BAE Systems Controls and Safran.

"Working with FADEC Alliance, we will improve engine performance and cost efficiency, incorporating new and innovative engine technologies," said Chuck Jackson, executive GE9X program manager at GE. "The benefits of combining the proven capabilities of FADEC International and GE are tremendous."

FADEC Alliance also currently has engine controls on the A320NEO, 737 MAX, COMAC C919, Bombardier Global Jet 7000/8000, 777X, and Cessna Denali aircrafts.

"This agreement ensures that FADEC Alliance's business relationship with GE will continue well into the future," said Steve McCullough, chief executive officer of FADEC Alliance. "Blending the expertise of GE and FADEC International in this realm creates an environment where engine control systems will remain a technological discriminator for GE's engines."

GE Engine Services and FADEC International are members of FADEC Alliance, a limited liability company that will continue to focus the two companies' capabilities to design, produce, and support FADEC systems for aircraft engines. The partnership leverages the combined experience of its member companies, which have supplied engine controls to GE since 1984. GE is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines for commercial, military, business, and general aviation aircraft. FADEC International is a world leader in FADEC system design and development.       

11 avril 2018 - Signature de l’accord BlueSky avec BAe Systems, FADEC Alliance, General Electric (GE), FADEC International et Safran Electronics & Defense. Les signataires, de gauche à droite : Mike Kosydar (BAE - Director of engine control, President of Fadec International), Jim Garceau (BAE - Controls & Avionics Solutions Deputy), Robert Eckmann ( GE - Executive Engineering Manager), Chuck Jackson (GE - Executive GE9X Product), Martin Sion (Safran Electroincs & Defense - Président), Joël Berkoukchi (Safran Electronics & Defense – Directeur de la Division Avionique). Debout au second rag, de gauche à droite :  Robert Ciganek (BAE-  Finance Director) , Kate Henn ( GE , Chief Technical Officer of Fadec Alliance ), Michael Gorman ( BAE - Contract Manager ) , Steve Mc Cullough (BAE,  CEO of Fadec Alliance) , Frederic Olivier ( Safran Electronics & Defense , Directeur des programmes Fadec, Vice président de Fadec International ) , Florence Minisclou (Safran Electronics & Defence, Directeur commercial, Division Avionique ) , Jean-Philippe Willefert  (Safran Electronics & Defense, Directeur des programmes, Division Avionique ) , Elodie Denizot (Safran Electronics & Defense, responsable Programme et contrats) .
April 11th 2018 – Signature of Bluesky agreement with BAe Systems, FADEC Alliance, General Electric (GE), FADEC International & Safran Electronics & Defense. The signatories, from left to right : Mike Kosydar (BAe - Director of engine control), Jim Garceau (BAe - Controls & Avionics Solutions Deputy), Robert Eckmann ( GE - Executive Engineering Manager), Chuck Jackson (GE - Executive GE9X Product), Martin Sion (Safran Electroincs & Defense - CEO), Joël Berkoukchi (Safran Electronics & Defense - Executive VP, Avionics division.

Safran Electronics & Defense boasts a long-standing partnership when it comes to FADEC systems, with General Electric and BAe Systems through the FADEC International and FADEC Alliance joint ventures. While Safran Electronics & Defense and BAe Systems work together to develop, manufacture and maintain FADEC systems, FADEC Alliance takes care of marketing After-sales Service and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and GE, which fits FADEC systems to its engines, now drafts the specifications for the controller as well as the entire FADEC system. The signature of "BlueSky" agreements sees the already close ties between Safran, GE and BAe get even closer: their teams work hand in hand to draw up product and technology roadmaps*, and even create intellectual property. Pooling know-how and skills, and fueling a common drive to push back the boundaries of aircraft engineering are real strengths for Safran and help to secure its position as a leading player in the aerospace sector.

"Being part of this broaden JV is a great opportunity for all partners and a high responsibility in order to shape the future" precises Frederic Olivier Vice-President of Fadec International;

FADEC Alliance will continue to serve airlines, aircraft maintenance, and repair providers with a full range of aftermarket capabilities designed with the customer in mind. The company's asset management programs also provide fast repair services and spare deliveries.

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