PASEO Marine: 360° innovation from Safran for shipborne optronics

The European leader in optronic systems for naval surface vessels and submarines, Sagem (Safran) extends its PASEO Marine product line. The PASEO optronic sight, featuring a modular design and originally developed for both land and naval applications, is available in three naval versions: PASEO-NS, PASEO XLR and PASEO-IRST.

PASEO NS (Naval System) comprises a laser rangefinder and high-resolution cameras mounted in a gyrostabilized turret. The XLR version features all the characteristics of the PASEO NS, and adds a TV spotter and very-long-range Satis XLR camera (over 25 km). On option, the PASEO NS and PASEO XLR can be fitted with a ballistic computer and control interface so they can be connected directly to one or more artillery systems.

The IRST (infrared search & track) version of the PASEO Marine calls on Sagem's unrivaled experience with high-performance optronics systems for front-line units (VAMPIR, EOMS). Used as passive infrared detectors, these panoramic optronic surveillance systems provide discreet detection of aerial and surface threats, whether conventional or asymmetric, along with a reconnaissance capability not offered by radar. Sagem contributes its expertise in this demanding field to several major naval programs: Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft-carrier, Australia's LHD amphibious ships and AWD air defense destroyers, the ANZAC, FREMM & Horizon frigates, Floréal surveillance frigates, and the Baynunah class corvettes deployed by the United Arab Emirates.

All naval versions of the PASEO system can be integrated in the ship's combat system, or operated from a special console. Because of their compact design, the PASEO Marine family also meets intelligence, engagement and protection requirements for lighter vessels, such as offshore patrol boats, corvettes, etc. PASEO is already in production for both the French and international markets.

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