Sagem at SOFINS special forces forum: powerful, innovative solutions to meet very special requirements

Sagem (Safran) is showcasing its expanded range of systems purpose-designed for even the most demanding special forces at SOFINS 2015 – the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar.

Drawing on the latest innovations in optronics, navigation and tactical C2 (command and coordination) systems, Sagem contributes to successful special forces mission in land, marine and air-land environments, spanning intelligence, deep and precision strikes, targeting and Combat SAR (Search & Rescue). To diversify its range of solutions for special forces, Sagem teams up with innovative small businesses in France to cover the intelligence, early warning, protection, engagement and air-land operations functions.

Sagem will be spotlighting some of its latest solutions at SOFINS 2015:

JIM LR infrared binoculars: integrated in special ops digital networks

Sagem is presenting new applications on its JIM lR (Long Range) multifunction infrared binoculars, taking advantage of its optronics performance and ability to be integrated in digital air-land networks. Addressing the requirement for close air support (CAS), Sagem  combines the JIM lR with a "Delta Suite" terminal from the company Impact, featuring software that provides precise information to support units on identified and geo-located targets. The integrated JIM LR/Delta Suite system also offers a modular, user-friendly interface, adapted to the operating environment of special forces. More than 8,000 JIM binoculars are now in service or on order, including 2,000 for the French army and several NATO forces.

PatrollerTM tactical drone: support for special forces and intelligence missions

The Patroller's systems, especially the very-high-resolution offered by its optronic sensor (Euroflir 410) and its ability to operate in networks, support even the most demanding special forces. An integral part of these maneuvers, it can help plan special missions, enhance multi-sensor intelligence and support ground operations. The Patroller also includes an RVT - Remote Video Terminal – to provide real-time transmission to ground troops of geo-referenced images acquired by the drone. In October 2014, the Patroller proved its ability to integrate civilian airspace, a capability that would allow it to support homeland security operations. The Patroller is a long-endurance tactical drone system, with a multi-sensor payload capacity of 250 kg and endurance exceeding 20 hours.

Gerfaut: launch system for Sagem AASM Hammer on the C-130 Hercules

Designed by the French company AA/ROK, the SSA-1101 Gerfaut is designed to adapt the C-130 Hercules transport to attack missions, without changing its structure or penalizing its carrying capacity. In fact, the Gerfaut ("gyrfalcon") is a simple adapter, attached under the airplane's wing instead of a supplementary fuel tank. It can be mounted and removed in just a few hours. With this device, the C-130 can provide persistent cover of an operating zone, or carry out timely strikes using a precision weapon such as the AASM Hammer. The Gerfaut is in fact an emergency solution, used when situations deteriorate suddenly, or during stabilization operations or when emerging from a crisis situation. With the Gerfaut, a C-130 intended for transport missions can also be used to fire precision weapons, which allows combat aircraft and tankers to be assigned to other theaters.

Already combat proven with the French army and navy, the AASM Hammer from Sagem is a modular air-to-ground missile. It offers accuracy to within a meter, a range of several tens of kilometers, and protects the launch aircraft from enemy air defenses.

Moskito TI binoculars: seven functions in one

For the first time in France, Sagem is showing the new Moskito TI tactical binoculars developed jointly with its Swiss subsidiary Vectronix. Moskito TI weighs no more than 1.3 kg, and includes an uncooled, high-resolution infrared sensor, a direct optical channel, and a low-light channel for laser pointers. It offers day/night reflex use, and target-location capabilities compatible with the constraints of front-line combat. Robust and featuring long run time, the Moskito TI is the lightest product in its class.

Epsilon10: autonomous navigation for special forces vehicles

The Epsilon10 land navigation system uses vibrating inertial sensors, to guarantee high reliability throughout its operating life. Fully autonomous, Epsilon10 provides high-quality positioning information, even when there is no GPS signal, over long periods. Even after driving for several dozen kilometers in off-road and/or desert conditions, the Epsilon10 offers position-determination precision that meets the needs of special forces. Epsilon10 was field tested with RDT vehicles.

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