Sagem at Euromaritime 2015 in Paris: innovative, high-performance solutions for maritime protection and security

At the second Euromaritime trade show and exhibition, taking place in Paris from February 3 to 6, 2015, Sagem (Safran) is spotlighting its range of high-performance systems and equipment, designed to meet the evolving protection and security needs of today’s ships. Sagem will be meeting fellow experts in maritime safety, along with shipyards, transport companies and offshore operators at this major maritime trade show.
Vigy observer

Right from the show opening, a Sagem-led consortium, Autoprotection, will officially unveil BlueDome, a system designed to protect commercial ships against piracy. A complete, non-lethal and highly automated system, BlueDome provides permanent, all-weather, long-range detection of threats, then, in the event of an attack, deterrence, anti-boarding and crew protection measures. In addition to Sagem, the Autoprotection consortium includes Bureau Veritas, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime and several French companies recognized for their naval and security expertise: Amefo, Eca Group, Lacroix, Sofresud, SeaOwl and Thales. Designed to avoid exposing crew members to danger, BlueDome features a centralized control interface, with an intuitive, user-friendly design allowing its operation by a single person. 

Sagem is also showcasing Vigy Observer, a gyrostabilized, panoramic, optronic turret, reflecting its expertise in optronic (electro-optical) technologies. Very compact and highly integrated, Vigy Observer contributes to the success of missions assigned to government agencies, including police, customs, coast guards, etc. Vigy Observer is a multi-sensor suite, with a choice of cooled or uncooled (maintenance-free) infrared imager, and a color video camera for higher performance. A laser rangefinder is available on option. Now in production for French and international coast guard vessels, Vigy Observer handles the early warning and identification function in the BlueDome anti-piracy system. Sagem's optronic equipment on display at Euromaritime includes the JIM LR (long-range) multifunction infrared binoculars, which comprises daytime and infrared channels, rangefinder, north seeker, GPS and magnetic compass in a single, compact package. JIM LR meets a wide range of maritime requirements, including rescue at sea under difficult conditions, surveillance missions, intervention and protection. More than 8,000 JIM LR units are now in service or under order worldwide. 

The BlueNaute® inertial attitude and heading unit is featured in a dynamic demonstration on the Sagem stand. A new-generation navigation system, BlueNaute® is based on the hemispherical resonator gyro (HRG), an innovative technology patented by Sagem. Because of the HRG, this system perfectly matches the needs of commercial shipping, in line with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) treaty. According to this treaty, all ships exceeding 500 metric tons have to be equipped with at least a gyro-compass. Since BlueNaute® does not have any moving parts, it offers a mean time between failures (MTBF) exceeding 100,000 hours, and an extended lifetime. More than 200 BlueNaute® systems are now in service or on order, consolidating Sagem's global leadership in the demanding maritime navigation sector. In 2014, the BlueNaute® system was ordered by the Norwegian coast guard and the Vard Holdings shipyard to outfit its Vard 822 and Vard offshore vessels. 

Through its products and services on display at Euromaritime 2015, Sagem clearly confirms its ability to address the emerging security and safety needs of land, air and maritime transport. Its offering is based on world-class technological and industrial expertise in optronics, navigation, safety-critical software and information management.

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