Eurosatory 2014 : Sagem showcases solutions to meet armed forces' most demanding needs

Paris, June 13, 2014

At the Eurosatory 2014 international defense show near Paris, Sagem (Safran) is showcasing a range of systems and equipment designed to meet the most demanding needs of today's armed forces: intelligence, long-range precision strikes, surveillance, border protection, high-intensity combat and guerrilla warfare.

Sagem is spotlighting the technologies and solutions that provide the performance edge expected by today's armed forces. The company's offering here is organized in five centers of expertise: dismounted combat, mounted combat, navigation, air-land combat and support. The Sagem products on display at Eurosatory 2014 include:

Patroller™ long-endurance tactical drone. The Patroller drone features a new-generation very-high-resolution imaging system. The new payload will be developed by Optrolead, the Sagem / Thales joint venture. The first versions of this new payload, derived from the Sagem Euroflir 410 gyrostabilized pod, were successfully tested in April and June 2014.
Patroller is a multi-sensor drone, capable of integrating a communications intelligence (Comint) package. Developed and produced in France by Sagem, the Patroller mission system handles intelligence missions up to 20 hours. It is based on a EASA certified Ecarys (Stemme) airframe, with payload capacity of 250 kg. Its ground station is interoperable with military (including NATO) and civil networks. Through the Patroller solution, Sagem reinforces the industrial cooperation between Germany and France.

SATIS thermal imagers. Sagem is expanding its range of vehicle-mounted thermal imagers, based on the SATIS family. By combining high-res sensors with advanced image processing, these systems offer very long-range capability in all environments. SATIS is available in both cooled and uncooled versions, and the former features an optical zoom function.

PASEO, a new generation of combat vehicle sights. The innovative PASEO sight offers the versatility needed to meet the needs of both infantry combat vehicles and battle tanks, as either a gunner's sight or for real-time battlefield surveillance. It offers unrivaled performance in the detection, identification and designation of air-land threats, based on the integration of very-high-resolution digital optronic sensors, including the SATIS line of thermal imagers, and line-of-sight stabilization.

Soldier modernization systems. Sagem produces the FELIN (Fantassin à Équipements et Liaisons Intégrés) integrated equipment suite for the French army, which has already taken delivery of these systems for 15 regiments. Based on this experience, Sagem is developing a new, more integrated and flexible solution for infantry soldiers. This innovative, compact and modular solution calls on scalable communications and command technologies. Its C4I component features a latest-generation radio and intuitive C2. Furthermore, its open architecture facilitates the integration of other equipment, such as binoculars, scopes, C2 applications, etc.

JIM LR II multifunction infrared binoculars. Sagem is extending its range of applications based on the JIM LR II infrared binoculars, by using optronic sensors and their networking ability. New applications include an optronic surveillance mast (MOST), forward observer station, laser target designation, etc. The combat-proven JIM LR integrates a number of functions in a single compact tactical package: thermal imager, GPS, rangefinder and North seeker. Providing target identification and location to a range of several kilometers, JIM LR II also includes a day/night image fusion function, panoramic display and automatic threat detection.

AASM Hammer SBU-54 Laser missile. This version of the AASM (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire) modular air-to-ground weapon features a laser seeker in addition to the standard inertial/GPS guidance. Offering a range exceeding 60 km, the AASM Hammer is an agile weapon that can be fired highly off-axis, day or night, in any weather, including at low altitude. The AASM SBU-54 Laser can be fired against moving land or naval targets and offers precision to within a meter. The AASM is also available in an inertial/GPS and infrared version. The AASM SBU-54 Laser was qualified on June 14, 2013 by the French Ministry of Defense. At Eurosatory, Sagem is teaming up with AA/ROK (Arinc group) to show the AASM as offered on a C-130 Hercules in a ground support configuration, mounted on the Rafaut outboard pylon.

SIGMA 20 and Epsilon10 land navigation systems. Sagem continues to expand its family of inertial systems, launching the SIGMA 20 and Epsilon10 at Eurosatory 2014. Compact, robust and cost-competitive, these new navigation and pointing systems call on a breakthrough technology, vibrating gyros, patented by Sagem. These navigation devices are designed to meet the needs of surface-to-air weapon systems, mobile radar stations, vehicles and battle tanks. The SIGMA 20 is used on MBDA's MPCV air defense system.

Technological Innovations. Since they have many research subjects in common, Safran and Valeo signed a partnership agreement in July 2013 to work on various basic technologies, including optronic sensors, navigation, data fusion, image processing, mission planning, mapping and 3D displays. These shared areas of expertise will enable the two partners to offer innovative and competitive solutions meeting evolving requirements in the defense, security and automotive sectors: all-weather perception of surroundings, platform automation, or e-navigation, tactical situations, platform supervision, driver monitoring, etc. In addition to promising applications from this partnership, Sagem's innovation section at Eurosatory will focus on three other areas: multispectral optronics, image processing and MEMS, or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.

Sagem is a contributor to a number of major defense programs on display at Eurosatory: the firing-post and seeker for the future medium range missile, MMP, built by MBDA as prime contractor, the Epsilon10 navigator for the Renault Trucks Defense vectronics suite, optronics of VBCI armored vehicles from Nexter Systems, navigation and pointing systems for artillery (CAESAR, PzH 2000, Archer) and, for Airbus Helicopter, the Strix and Osiris sights for the Tiger combat helicopter, and Euroflir gyrostabilized optronic systems for the Panther, Cougar, Caracal and NH-90 helicopters.

At Eurosatory 2014 (June 16 - 20), Sagem (Safran) is exhibiting on Stand F-80 in Hall 2. The Patroller drone system is in the outside static display, slot F410.

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Sagem , a high-tech company of Safran, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and safety-critical software for both civil and military markets. Sagem is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. It is also the world leader in helicopter flight controls and the European leader in optronics and tactical UAV systems. Operating across the globe through the Safran group, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 7,500 people in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. Sagem is the commercial name of the company Sagem Défense Sécurité.
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