Sagem at Milipol 2013

The international security exhibition and trade show, Milipol 2013, provides an excellent opportunity for Sagem (Safran) to showcase its diversified range of optronic systems and equipment that address requirements for surveillance, intelligence, protection and engagement. These products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of homeland security units, special forces and armed forces in countries around the world.

Sagem is displaying its products and services on the Safran stand, along with fellow Safran company Morpho. At Milipol 2013 Sagem is focusing on three main areas: portable optronics, the Smart Vest integrated warfighter system, and Patroller, the new long-endurance tactical drone system with multi-sensor capacity.

Portable optronics

Sagem is showcasing its Sword family of weapon scopes and JIM LR, a family of long-range multifunction infrared binoculars. The Sword family includes scopes with a single infrared channel (Sword light) or versions that combine day and night (infrared) vision (Sword T&D and Sword Medium).

JIM LR binoculars are at the heart of a new intelligence system that is being unveiled at Milipol: MOST (Mât Optronique de Surveillance Terrestre), an optronic land surveillance mast. It is operated from a shelter-mounted tactical terminal and features the latest image processing software – another specialty at Sagem. Building on the outstanding performance offered by JIM LR, Sagem offers other advanced functions on MOST, including day-night image fusion, panoramic display, and automatic threat detection. MOST is being offered in several configurations: vehicle mounted, fixed station, telescopic mast. Covering a full 360 degrees, the JIM LR sensor incorporates a thermal imager, GPS and a north seeker enabling the detection and position determination of a target at a range of several kilometers, for protection, intelligence and attack missions.

More than 5,000 JIM LR units are now on order or in service in some 30 countries, including the armed forces of the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark and France. The Sword scope and JIM LR binoculars have been used in foreign deployments, including Afghanistan. JIM LR binoculars are produced at Sagem's plant in Poitiers.

Integrated warfighter systems - Smart Vest

Sagem's FELIN (Fantassin à Équipements et Liaisons Intégrés) integrated equipment suite for soldier modernization is now in volume production for the French army. Ten French army infantry regiments have been equipped to date, and FELIN was deployed in Afghanistan. Based on this combat experience, Sagem developed Smart Vest, a new integrated solution for today's warfighter. Innovative, compact and wireless, Smart Vest calls on advanced, scalable communications and command technologies.

Patroller™ tactical drone system: long-endurance, multiple sensors

The Patroller™ tactical drone draws on Sagem's extensive experience in this field, more specifically nine years of deployment of the Sperwer system in Afghanistan. Patroller can handle surveillance missions lasting 20 to 30 hours. It is based on a certified airframe, capable of carrying a payload with up to 250 kg of intelligence equipment.

A "multi-sensor" drone, it carries Sagem's Euroflir 410 high-resolution optronic pod, a receiver to track maritime traffic, or other intelligence sensors, in particular a communications intelligence (Comint) system to capture and locate enemy communications. Its ground control station is interoperable with military networks, and is in compliance with NATO standards and civilian infrastructures.
Patroller is being offered as a replacement solution for tactical drones deployed by the French army, as provided for in the 2014-2019 military spending bill. The Patroller drone was developed by Sagem as prime contractor. The printed circuit boards are made at Sagem's plant in Fougères, with the gyrostabilized pod at the Dijon plant, and final assembly at Montluçon. It provides solid foundations for a long-term tactical drone industry in France, with strong export potential.

Come see us at the Safran stand, Hall 5A.

The Milipol exhibition is being held from November 19 to 22 at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, just north of Paris

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