Sagem at the Sofins trade show: showcasing systems for demanding special forces missions

Sagem (Safran) is taking part in the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (Sofins), the first trade show and exhibition in France dedicated to special forces, from April 9 to 11, 2013 at Camp de Souge, near Bordeaux.

Sagem's products capitalize on advanced technologies in optronics and navigation to multiply the capabilities of special forces operating day or night. Sagem will be showcasing dynamic demonstrations of its optronic systems and other equipment designed to meet the multiple demands of special forces: in-depth intelligence and action, long-range weapon operation; targeting missions by forward observers, combat Search & Rescue, and more.

A complete family of infrared binoculars

For long-range observation and intelligence, Sagem developed JIM LR long-range multifunction infrared binoculars. JIM LR is used for both the identification and precise positioning of targets. A compact unit weighing just 3 kg, it integrates day vision, thermal vision, rangefinder, laser pointer, GPS and magnetic compass. The latest version adds additional functions: video recording (2 hours, 30 minutes), day-night image fusion to see through camouflage, anti-glare function in the infrared band, and a laser pointer with a range of 2,500 meters. It offers run-time of 4 hours 45 minutes on a battery charge, and delivers enhanced reconnaissance and identification performance.
More than 5,000 JIM LR units are now in service or on order, including 2,000 with French armed forces. It has also been ordered by several NATO forces, namely the United States, Denmark, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Intelligence and action

To meet the needs of units that must operate under total silence, Sagem offers the JIM UC (uncooled) version. JIM UC binoculars offers all the features of JIM LR, but with an uncooled infrared detector. Deployed by advancing units, these binoculars provide an overall view of the threat environment in real time. They offer sophisticated image processing and very good resolution: the ability to detect an armored vehicle at more than 5 km, and a soldier at more than 3 km. All JIM binoculars, whether LR or UC versions, can be remotely operated from a special terminal, and can also be integrated in combat networks via their interfaces.

In line with the FELIN soldier modernization program, Sagem has developed a wide range of sights (Sword family) that allow soldiers carrying collective weapons such as precision rifles, light machine guns, etc. to carry out nighttime precision firing at ranges up to 850 meters. A new version of this product, Sword Light, combines a compact design, long run-time and wide field-of-view, giving infantry soldiers reconnaissance and attack ability out to a range of 400 meters at night against enemy soldiers, while continuing to advance. Sword Light is ideally suited to special commando operations behind enemy lines.

Optimum technology tradeoff for forward observers

The performance of JIM LR binoculars can be enhanced by being used in conjunction with Sterna, a brand-new target location system. Developed jointly by Sagem and its Swiss subsidiary Vectronix, Sterna's performance is based on the innovative hemispherical resonator gyro (GRH), a technology patented by Sagem. Used in conjunction with the measurements by JIM LR or any other rangefinding binoculars, Sterna extracts precise target coordinates. Weighing less than 3 kg, Sterna was also designed with the special weight and energy requirements of forward observers in mind, since they operate in severe environments and can't count on much supply support.

Air and maritime operations support

Sagem produces the Euroflir family of gyrostabilized optronic pods for surveillance aircraft (fixed or rotary-wing), to support air mobile combat. Integrated in the aircraft's mission system, Euroflir pods call on multiple sensors for target identification and positioning. These pods are already in production for the Panther Mk II helicopter deployed by the French navy, and for French Caracal helicopters.

Sagem has also developed the Odin day/night sighting system dedicated to 20 to 25 mm machine guns and cannon, enabling high-precision firing for reduced munitions consumption. Odin can be installed on the weapons carried on a helicopter's door mounts. Because of its ability to perform off-axis sighting, Odin provides complete protection for the gunner, while also enabling shooting at a high depression angle. Its modular design enables mounting on vehicles or tripod mounts. Sagem also offers Sea Odin for fast landing craft.

Sagem's portable optronics (sights, infrared binoculars) are manufactured in its Poitiers plant, while Euroflir gyrostabilized pods are made in Dijon.
The Sofins trade show gives Sagem a unique opportunity to develop an ongoing dialog with special ops command units, concerning new requirements spotlighted by recent operations, as well as new operational capabilities offered by advanced technologies. Sagem continues to apply a dynamic innovation policy, as reflected in its ongoing exchanges with innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in France.

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