Euromaritime trade show in Paris, Sagem showcases solutions for maritime safety and self-defense

At Euromaritime, the first European trade show and exhibition dedicated to maritime business, taking place in Paris from February 5 to 7, Sagem (Safran) will be showcasing BlueNaute™, its new inertial navigation system for ships, and the Vigy Observer optronic system.



BlueNaute™ is based on hemispherical resonator gyro (HRG) technology that is patented by Sagem. It is at the heart of a system that is fully suited to commercial shipping needs, and is in full compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) treaty (which requires that all ships displacing more than 500 metric tons be equipped with at least a gyrocompass).

Because it uses no moving parts, BlueNaute™ offers MTBF (mean time between failure) exceeding 100,000 hours, and an extended lifetime. Incorporating a breakthrough technology for shipborne navigation systems, it represents a major improvement in maintainability and total cost of ownership compared with the previous generation of maritime navigation systems.

For the first Euromaritime show, Sagem will be spotlighting this innovative navigation system, and meeting with naval shipyards, super-yacht manufacturers, transport companies and players in the offshore market to describe the many advantages of BlueNaute™.

The European leader in navigation technologies, Sagem draws on 60 years of global experience in civil and military navigation systems to expand its product offering with this innovative HRG-based technology, intended for the international maritime market.

Sagem will also be displaying its Vigy Observer optronic system, designed for navies, the protection of commercial vessels and maritime rescue operations. The Vigy Observer comprises day, video and infrared channels, along with a rangefinder and laser designator, and can be remotely operated from the bridge.

Introduced at the Euronaval show in October 2012, BlueNaute™ is already in production at Sagem's plant in Montluçon, and has been ordered by several operators around the world. The Vigy Observer, produced in Dijon, is already in service with coast guard units.

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