Sagem at IDEX 2011: solutions that meet emerging defense and security needs

The IDEX international defense trade show and exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is the largest event of this type in the Middle East. Held from February 20 to 24 this year, IDEX 2011 brought together some 900 exhibitors, including 80 majors.

It offered an ideal venue for Sagem to showcase its revamped offering of systems designed to meet security needs in today's global environment of fast-evolving threats. These solutions span the full spectrum of defense and security missions, from high-intensity combat and asymmetrical threats to Search & Rescue missions. Sagem's offerings at IDEX 2011 are characterized by their quick responsiveness, high performance in critical combat functions, modular design and ability to operate in networks.

Infantry modernization solutions

Sagem's solutions offer a host of advantages for all modern infantry missions. The FELIN integrated equipment suite for infantry soldiers, developed and produced by Sagem, is now operational in two French army units: the 1st Infantry Regiment in Sarrebourg, and the 13th Mountain Infantry Battalion in Chambéry. Four other units will take delivery of FELIN systems in 2011. Dynamic demonstrations of FELIN were featured at IDEX 2011, on both the Sagem and French army stands, showcasing the quantum leap in operational and technological capabilities that it delivers to infantry units. The demonstrations focused on the integrated system's C3I functions, new day-night sights, its "round-the-corner" shooting capability, new ballistic protection and vehicle adaptation kit. Through the FELIN program, Sagem works hand in hand with users to design the infantry modernization solutions that best match actual requirements in the field.

Another one of Sagem's flagship products on display is the JIM LR long-range multifunction infrared binoculars. Sagem recently won a contract to provide 1,175 JIM LR binoculars to the French army, as part of a Ministry of Defense program to jointly procure infrared binoculars for all service arms. This latest business win brings the number of JIM LR binoculars in service or on order to a total of 4,500 worldwide, and further consolidates Sagem's strong position in the global market for portable optronics devices. JIM LR combines a number of functions in a single portable package: day-night vision, rangefinder, laser pointer, compass, GPS and data transmission. Based on operational feedback, Sagem has incorporated various upgrades in the same basic mechanical unit, including day-night video fusion, enhanced image processing functions, image and video recording via a USB port. An integral part of the digital battlefield, JIM LR meets a broad range of requirements, from troops deployed in harsh environments to homeland security units carrying out police missions, surveillance of approach lanes or fighting against trafficking of all sorts.

Air-land combat: high-intensity engagement and precision strikes

Combat vehicle modernization is a prime development focus at Sagem. A turret displayed on the stand showed off the modular and ergonomic design of Sagem's systems for these programs. The new family of Savan 11 gyrostabilized sights, more than 500 of which are on order, is at the heart of these solutions. Sagem also offers the MPS multi-sensor, stabilized, optronic turret, a panoramic unit derived from one already in service on VBCI armored infantry fighting vehicles deployed by the French army.

A major supplier to the Rafale multirole fighter, Sagem is showcasing its expertise in inertial navigation systems, with the Sigma 95 laser gyro navigation unit. It also offers the AASM modular air-to-ground weapon system, in 125, 250 and 1,000 kg versions. The AASM is an all-weather standoff guided missile, featuring a new type of inertial reference unit with a hemispheric resonator gyro (HRG). Proven in service on French Rafales, it is designed to enhance the aircraft's nav-attack system, based on its accuracy, range, day/night operation and different terminal guidance profiles.

Homeland security

Sagem also unveiled TEOS™, the Territory Electro-Optic Surveillance system, a 20-km class turret-mounted long-range surveillance system, designed to meet border and maritime surveillance requirements, along with protection of high-value sites and peacekeeping operations. Featuring high-performance day-night optronic sensors, and operating in a network, TEOS can be installed in fixed stations or on vehicles. Its detection and identification capabilities are largely based on Sagem's brand-new Satis camera, a long-range, cooled infrared imager with a continuous x18 zoom function. Satis is designed for integration in zone surveillance networks and high-performance weapon systems.

Sagem also showcased its participation in several major defense programs around the world, in particular Baynunah class corvettes, a new family of multimission, stealthy corvettes to be deployed by the United Arab Emirates navy. Sagem supplies Sigma 40 laser gyro navigation systems and new-generation EOMS-NG 360° infrared search and track systems (IRST) for these ships.

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