Sagem to supply NATO-standard interoperability bays for French army’s Sperwer drones

Paris, October 26, 2010

French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded Sagem (Safran group) a contract for an interface bay supporting NATO STANAG 4609 (1) interoperability standard, intended for the Sperwer tactical drone systems deployed by the French army in Afghanistan.

With these bays installed in the ground control stations, the Sperwer drone system can now transmit real-time geo-referenced video streams over French and allied command and intelligence networks, using NATO's STANAG 4609 video and data transmission standard (Digital Motion Imagery Format).

Adding this interoperability capability will optimize the sharing of information and quality of intelligence gathered, in combination with the Sperwer system's proven ability to integrate France's SAIM (2) intelligence interpretation system, SICF (3) command system and Atlas (4) artillery coordination system.

The transmission of STANAG 4609 standard geo-referenced videos as a NATO interoperability function is now a basic feature of Sagem's drone systems, including the Sperwer Mk. II tactical drone and the Patroller™ long-endurance drone.

This latest contract underscores Sagem's expertise in the design and construction of modern drone systems that can be fully integrated in joint NATO operations, even with the most complex command and intelligence architectures.

1 – STANAG: Standardization Agreement, NATO standards

2 – SAIM (Système d'Aide à l'Interpretation Multi-capteurs): multi-sensor interpretation aid system

3 – SICF (Système d'Information et de Commandement des Forces): armed forces command and information system

4 – Atlas (Automatisation des Tirs et Liaisons de l'Artillerie sol-sol): artillery coordination and firing automation


Sagem , a high-tech company in the Safran group, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and safety-critical software for both civil and military markets. Sagem is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. It is also the world leader in helicopter flight controls and the European leader in optronics and tactical UAV systems. Operating across the globe through the Safran group, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 6,900 people in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. Sagem is the commercial name of the company Sagem Défense Sécurité.
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