Sagem chosen as MBDA partner on Medium-Range Missile

Eurosatory 2010, Villepinte, June 15, 2010

Through a partnership with missile manufacturer MBDA, Sagem (Safran group) will be in charge of the development and production of the firing post and infrared seeker on the Medium-Range Missile (MMP). This system is being offered within the scope of the planned replacement of France's Milan antitank missiles towards 2015. The overall contract would cover 500 systems and 3,000 missiles, as well as significant potential for export contracts.

The MMP launch unit reflects Sagem's combined expertise in cooled, long-range infrared imagers, laser rangefinding and image and signal processing. In particular, it will call on a third-generation Matis thermal imager integrating the latest IR detector technologies developed by Sofradir(1).

MBDA and Sagem have chosen bi-mode technology for the seeker, with a daytime video channel and a non-cooled infrared channel, including inertial guidance capability to support fire and forget mode, as well as beyond visual range firing capability. Featuring very high reliability and easy maintenance, this solution offers unrivaled capabilities for this type of application.

Used in conjunction with the FELIN soldier modernization system, the MMP is designed for easy integration in the digital battlespace and in future Scorpion network architectures. It can be vehicle-mounted or used in dismounted operations. Furthermore, the launch unit benefits from work on the FELIN system, taking advantage of certain components developed for this advanced infantry equipment suite, including batteries, man-machine interface, communications module, etc. This also means that the MMP will enjoy the same logistics support structure.

Sagem's proven expertise, combined with its latest developments in thermal imagers, sights and seekers, will reduce technical risks and help meet all performance, delivery time and cost requirements. Sagem will develop the sight and seeker in its R&D center in Argenteuil, and produce them at its plant in Poitiers.

(1) Sofradir is a jointly owned company of Sagem (40%), Thales (40%) and Areva (20%), specialized in high-performance infrared detectors.


Sagem, a high-tech company in the Safran group, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and safety-critical software for both civil and military markets. Sagem is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. It is also the world leader in helicopter flight controls and the European leader in optronics and tactical UAV systems. Operating across the globe through the Safran group, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 6,700 people in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. Sagem is the commercial name of the company Sagem Défense Sécurité.
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