Sword Light: a sword in the night, by Sagem

Not only is Sagem involved in several modernization programs – FELIN in France, FIST in the UK and IMESS in Switzerland – but it is currently developing a family of portable optronic equipment to meet today's diverse infantry needs

Indeed, there is a dynamic demonstration of Sagem's new thermal scope Sword Light at Safran's stand. It was designed to be used on assault rifles and rocket launchers and operate in all combat environments both day and night. Sagem's work focused on the new product's versatility, compactness, lightness and autonomy.
The wide field on its thermal channel and its clear integrated sight (optional) enable Sword Light to easily engage targets in an urban environment. With its narrow field (thermal digital zoom), Sword Light allows the user to fire accurately under all conditions. Sword Light is compact and lightweight (550g) and takes four standard AA (or CR123) batteries, giving it nine hours of continuous autonomy. It is ergonomic and easy to use, requiring less than one second before being operational thanks to its uncooled infrared technology. Sword Light also has a remote control for quick access to essential functions.
Among its other pluses are its digital boresighting processing, choice of reticles and ammunition and multimedia interfaces (in particular a USB port and video output). The kits for assembly on Picatinny rails mean Sword Light can be used on a wide range of assault rifles and rocket launchers: M4A1, MP 2000, FN Scar, HK, Kalachnikov and AT-4 or Carl Gustav.

There is a dynamic demonstration of Sword Light at the Sagem - Safran stand (Hall6, stand 81).

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