ODIN: A Sagem innovation to extend machine gun range of use

At Eurosatory 2010, Sagem, which is part of the Safran group, will be demonstrating its ability to take advantage of the advances of contact unit modernization optronic programs to adapt them to collective backup weapons.

FELIN's around-the-corner sighting function is well known, as are remote-controlled mini-turrets such as WASP (developed with Panhard). So why not adapt the concept to the famous 12.7mm machine gun or the 20mm autocannon? Sagem did exactly that by developing ODIN to extend the capability of firing under protection to collective weapons. Based on the around-the-corner sighting solution developed for FELIN, ODIN provides personnel in combat with a protective firing capability. Sagem has drawn on lessons learned in recent operations to meet the needs of light or armored vehicles that have weapons in basic gun cradles. The ODIN solution is also designed for helicopter units, in which case an ODIN-equipped machine gun will allow highly negative firing without exposing the shooter (i.e., directly under the helicopter) and forcing the aircraft to carry out specific maneuvers. ODIN also provides collective weapons with firing accuracy, thus optimizing ammunition management.

Highly tactical, ODIN – which is specified to operate between -32° and + 55°C – draws on the FELIN program's infrared technology: the day and thermal channels are easy to use and integrated in a single housing. It is rapidly activated, highly reliable, compact and makes little noise. Moreover, it is modular and weighs a mere 1.3kg. It can identify a vehicle in combat from up to 620m away in infrared mode and from 2150m in day mode. Sagem tested the system as early as 2009 on a 12.7mm machine gun and a 20mm autocannon.

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