UAV Systems

Discreet surveillance of military operations in theater and precise localization of target are key factors for the success of land-based missions. With its tactical UAV systems, Safran Electronics & Defense offers you a full range of combat-proven surveillance aircraft. These high-performance, modular systems answer all your operational needs.

To answer your surveillance and identification needs, Safran Electronics & Defense gives you the full benefit of its operational experience in the field of tactical UAVs. This expertise includes expert knowledge of all the technologies necessary for their development: flight control, navigation and observation systems, embedded electronics, airborne optronics, transmission, etc.

  • Easily deployable on the ground, the Sperwer Mk.II UAV system is perfectly adapted to tactical missions operated at brigade and Task Force level. Its rapid deployment and the quality of evaluation of the targets make it an ideal tactical support for your units on the ground.
  • Designed for the surveillance of military operations in theater, the Patroller™ UAV system meets the requirements of your long missions over extensive areas. Modular and robust, this system can be equipped with the sensors and transmission equipment of your choice: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), laser rangefinder, laser designator, intelligence-gathering sensors or electronic warfare sensors (COMINT, ELINT), etc.
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Sensor to shooter

The aim of the sensor-to-shooter process is to provide operational superiority by completely mastering all information in a theater of operations. The deployment of new technologies is part of a real-time operational cycle that links sensors to shooters ("e¬ffectors"), with everything united by command and coordination systems.

  • ~20,000
    FELIN soldier systems, delivered to the French army
  • 10,000+
    multifunction binoculars deployed or on order
  • 19,000
    thermal imagers delivered
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