Sperwer System

Observing, detecting threats as early as possible and designating targets are essential to the success of land combat missions. With the Sperwer Mk.II tactical UAV, Safran Electronics & Defense provides you with a versatile system that is easy to deploy whose performances are regularly proven in various theaters.


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Sperwer: the tactical UAV operating directly in combat zones

Sperwer Mk II tactical UAV. Safran Electronics & Defense (Safran group) has developed expertise in the full range of technologies required for the development, production and integration of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV): aircraft, launch systems, gyrostabilized day/night optronic pods, mission planning, inertial navigation/flight control, and data/image transmission.

The Sperwer Mk.II UAV fulfills all intelligence-gathering, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions (ISTAR) for up to 6 hours. Its gyrostabilized Euroflir 350 optronic pod is used to gather the information necessary for accurate assessment of the tactical situation. Used on a daily basis in combat operations, Sperwer fulfills the needs of missions performed at brigade and Task Force level perfectly.


Sperwer has capabilities allowing it to be deployed in all theaters:

  • catapult launch and recovery with a parachute
  • range of action of 200km with a direct link (LOS)
  • 6-hour endurance
  • handover capability between two GCSs
  • air-transportable in freight aircraft

Highly versatile embedded equipment:

  • day/night gyrostabilized optronic sensor (EO/IR)
  • digital J band data link (15 GHz)
  • transponder/IFF mode 3C and VHF relay to ATC
  • direct transmission of the images to the troops via an RVT terminal
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