Target acquisition systems for infantry

To meet the target designation needs of ground forces, Safran Electronics & Defense offers several families of modular, compact, and lightweight target acquisition systems. Sterna is a ground-breaking target acquisition solution, with neither magnetic compass nor GPS. It is fitted with an inertial sensor patented by Safran. The range of GonioLight pointers, used by a number of NATO forces (United Kingdom, Germany, etc.), comes in several versions that are adapted to your operational profile.


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The Joint Fires Support Systems is a family of tactical systems that combines modular architecture and advanced digital capabilities to provide the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability for units on the ground. Its minimized set-up time & its user friendly interface allows to gain a precious time for operational by reducing the sensor-to-shooter chain.
Safran's solution address mainly JTACs & Forward Observers. 

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