Portable Optronics for infantry

The portable optronics systems developed by Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss subsidiary, Vectronix AG, are designed for combat missions in your armed forces, in particular for the infantry and special forces. They allow both overt and infrared surveillance, search, aim, identification, and target designation. Modular and interoperable, the binoculars with multiple functions (JIM, MOSKITO, etc.), such as weapon sights (SWORD, NITESPOT, etc.) have built-in high-tech devices (sensors, GPS, etc.). Designed to be interconnected with your telecommunications networks, this equipment gives you the full benefit of an easy to use man-machine interface, perfectly adapted for use on all field operations.

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SWORD Light easily engages targets in urban combat areas thanks to its red dot sight (optional) and its low-magnification wide-field thermal channel.
The thermal channel's digital zoom ensures high firing accuracy in open areas under all conditions. SWORD Light is ergonomic and easy to use, integrating a remote control and quick access to essential functions. Powered by standard AA batteries, it offers maximum autonomy.

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