Portable Optronics for infantry

The portable optronics systems developed by Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss subsidiary, Vectronix AG, are designed for combat missions in your armed forces, in particular for the infantry and special forces. They allow both overt and infrared surveillance, search, aim, identification, and target designation. Modular and interoperable, the binoculars with multiple functions (JIM, MOSKITO, etc.), such as weapon sights (SWORD, NITESPOT, etc.) have built-in high-tech devices (sensors, GPS, etc.). Designed to be interconnected with your telecommunications networks, this equipment gives you the full benefit of an easy to use man-machine interface, perfectly adapted for use on all field operations.

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JIM Compact

Based on the success of the JIM LR, operational feedback from users, and a continuous improvement approach, Safran has developed the JIM Compact - a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system that provides operators with top-end situational awareness and advanced connectivity in the battlefield. 
Fully-integrated and less than 2 kg. (4.4 lbs.) with battery, JIM Compact meets the most demanding expectations of dismounted operators - including Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).
Safran has integrated new functionalities such as See-Spot capability, positive identification in Low Light, photo and video streaming and recording. 
For these reasons, JIM Compact offers the best performance-to-weight ratio of any device in its class - considerably increasing combat effectiveness in all environments.

JIM Compact
JIM LR - Long-range multifunction cooled infrared binoculars

JIM binoculars feature a compact, user-friendly design, making the perfect for both military and security applications, including infantry squads, special forces, forward observers, border and coastal patrols, elite gendarme and police units and more. Using identical interfaces (batteries, connectors, accessories, etc.) these binoculars are interoperable with many different systems and equipment, including screens, processing units, DAGR/PLGR type military GPS receivers, etc. JIM LR binoculars offer an optional day/thermal channel fusion function, greatly improving their target detection capability.

JIM PROTECTOR: Medium-range multifunction infrared binoculars

Noiseless and compact, JIM Protector is instantly ready for operation, day or night and in all weather conditions. Precise information is displayed in real time, to enhance the user's decision-making and operational capabilities. JIM Protector is especially easy to use. It features thermal/optical image fusion and photo/video recording. Thanks to a full set of latest-generation multimedia interfaces (controls, data and image management), JIM Protector is interoperable with many other systems, including computers and monitors.

JIM UC: Multifunction uncooled infrared binoculars

Featuring day and thermal imaging, a Laser Range Finder, a Digital Magnetic Compass, a GPS and a laser pointer, the JIM UC binoculars provide high-precision target detection, acquisition and pointing. JIM UC is particularly suited to military and security operations: infantry section and special forces' missions, intelligence-gathering for the contact units, infrastructure and border surveillance, etc.
Thanks to its thermal and day image fusion option, JIM UC improves target detection capacity during observation phases.
Integrated photo and video recording enables the further processing of images and associated data (range finding, target positions).

MOST : The optronic mast for land surveillance

Featuring a modular design, the MOST allows warfighters to stay protected, or quickly remove the binoculars for dismounted use. MOST combines panoramic surveillance, threat identification and location to meet the demanding requirements of both military and homeland security operations: reconnaissance and intelligence, force protection, coastal and border surveillance, protection of high-value sites, etc. The user-friendly control software uses the 360° panoramic view to manually home in on points of interest (on a touch console), or automatically detect and track targets.


Vector is a family of 7 x 42 binoculars designed and produced by Vectronix that can measure distance, azimuth, and height difference. More than 30,000 Vector are used worldwide under the most difficult operating conditions. Their common features are excellent optics, stereoscopic vision, a class 1 "eyesafe" laser rangefinder and a digital magnetic compass. Some models in the range offer night vision or Bluetooth connectivity.

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