Portable Optronics for infantry

The portable optronics systems developed by Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss subsidiary, Vectronix AG, are designed for combat missions in your armed forces, in particular for the infantry and special forces. They allow both overt and infrared surveillance, search, aim, identification, and target designation. Modular and interoperable, the binoculars with multiple functions (JIM, MOSKITO, etc.), such as weapon sights (SWORD, NITESPOT, etc.) have built-in high-tech devices (sensors, GPS, etc.). Designed to be interconnected with your telecommunications networks, this equipment gives you the full benefit of an easy to use man-machine interface, perfectly adapted for use on all field operations.

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Based on the success of the JIM LR, operational feedback from users, and a continuous improvement approach, Safran has developed the JIM Compact - a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system that provides operators with top-end situational awareness and advanced connectivity in the battlefield. 
Fully-integrated and less than 2 kg. (4.4 lbs.) with battery, JIM Compact meets the most demanding expectations of dismounted operators - including Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).
Safran has integrated new functionalities such as See-Spot capability, positive identification in Low Light, photo and video streaming and recording. 
For these reasons, JIM Compact offers the best performance-to-weight ratio of any device in its class - considerably increasing combat effectiveness in all environments.

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