Sights & visual augmentation systems for infantry

The guidance systems designed by Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss subsidiary, Safran Vectronix AG, meet all of the target designation needs of ground forces. They provide site/relative bearing guidance information as well as geolocalized target positions for artillery observers and forward air controllers. Compact and light, they are used on a tripod and are autonomous. Aided by the ground-breaking innovation of the inertial sensor, Sterna guarantees a reliable and accurate layout of the North. Modular, this system is available in different versions depending on the rangefinder binoculars built into it. Completely digital, the GonioLight range offers you high precision over long distances, up to 1-mil graduation with a 25 km scope for GonioLight TI.


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The COLD IPC is a very compact and lightweight Laser Rangefinder with pointing and Illuminating capability. Two elevation sensors provide inclination measurement and / or horizontal distance for angle shots independent of the COLD-IPC orientation position on, for example, a quad rail.


  • High performance range finder
  • Invisible pointer
  • Visible pointer
  • Invisible illuminator
  • Inclination sensor
  • Bluetooth sensor

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