Orientation systems for infantry

The guidance systems designed by Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss subsidiary, Vectronix AG, meet all of the target designation needs of ground forces. They provide site/relative bearing guidance information as well as geolocalized target positions for artillery observers and forward air controllers. Compact and light, they are used on a tripod and are autonomous. Aided by the ground-breaking innovation of the inertial sensor, Sterna guarantees a reliable and accurate layout of the North. Modular, this system is available in different versions depending on the rangefinder binoculars built into it. Completely digital, the GonioLight range offers you high precision over long distances, up to 1-mil graduation with a 25 km scope for GonioLight TI.

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The COLD IPC is a very compact and lightweight Laser Rangefinder with pointing and Illuminating capability. Two elevation sensors provide inclination measurement and / or horizontal distance for angle shots independent of the COLD-IPC orientation position on, for example, a quad rail.


  • High performance range finder
  • Invisible pointer
  • Visible pointer
  • Invisible illuminator
  • Inclination sensor
  • Bluetooth sensor

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Designed for dismounted forward observers and forward air controllers, the GonioLight is a lightweight observation system station, based on portable tripods, providing horizontal and vertical angle measurements and orientation information in standalone mode. Instantaneously operational, they require neither pre-aligning nor pre-heating. The measured distance, azimuth and elevation are displayed on the graphical LCD, converted into target grid coordinates, stored and forwarded efficiently. Four standard versions are available:

  • GonioLight V (with VECTOR)
  • GonioLight G-V (with VECTOR and Gyroscope)
  • GonioLight TI (with VECTOR and JIM LR)
  • GonioLight G-TI (with VECTOR, JIM LR and Gyroscope)


PLRF: Pocket Laser Range Finder

After its introduction in 2001, thousands of the Vectronix Pocket Laser Range Finder (PLRF) have been fielded by armed forces around the world. The PLRF product line is most accepted by professionals who need to rely on quality, innovation and performance. To meet growing demands of the defense and security industries, Vectronix has continuously improved the range finders in the critical areas of size, weight, and power - the effort was well worth it, as the result shows.

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STERNA™: non-magnetic, precision target location system

Compact and lightweight, Sterna is the first fully man portable target location solution offering 24/7 reliable and accurate determination of true north, without a magnetic compass or GPS receiver. It helps Close Air Support, Forward Observers, Forward Air Controllers, Joint Tactical Air Controllers accurately locate ground targets and designate them for land and air supports. Marking a breakthrough over existing technologies, Sterna features a patented North Seeker from Safran Electronics & Defense. Depending on the mission profile, users can select today from 3 mission-ready Sterna system solutions providing independent north finding, eye-safe long distance laser range finding, brilliant day view optics plus the required night view capabilities.

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